vendredi, juin 17, 2011

Statement of the local coordinating committees and the unity of the Syrian opposition

The revolution of the Syrian people that began on March 15, 2011, stirred up a stagnant life and led to an explosion of politcal energy of thel Syrian society as never before. This initiative led to many conferences and meetings, the latest of which was the initiative of the Local Coordination Committees that reflected a matured vision of the current phase and can be a common ground for a united effort of Syrians to support the revolution and continue on its path until reaching its goals.

And in order to avoid that the efforts be distributed in a way that would waste time for our people, and to lift the siege they are under as quickly as possible, and to reobtain the political initial inside and outside the country, I call upon all of the friends who have given me their trust and all the activists and opposition members to join this initiative to develop and cooperate with it to form a united opposition front that the Syrian people has been waiting for for months, representing a clear and strong political title of the revolution, empowering its achievements and standing in face of the regime's maneuvers, paving the path of victory for the free and democratic Syria

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